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Inside Taj Mahal

Shah Jahan designed the Agra, Taj Mahal (Mumtaz Mahal tomb) as a public shrine to be visited by millions of visitors. So the interior needed to be as impressive as the exterior.The art works and carvings inside the Taj Mahal are so exquisite and fascinating that there is hardly any space for criticism. The delicate inlay work in decorated marble walls adorned with beautiful patterns of inlaid precious stones are considered a masterpiece of Mughal architecture.

As soon as one enters the Agra, Taj Mahal one can see the central chamber of the building beneath the main dome held the cenotaph of the queen. Four octagonal rooms on each story flank the four rooms. Altogether sixteen rooms (eight on each level) surround the central chamber. These rooms were to be used to bury other members of the royal family.

Like the exterior the interior too is a building faced with white marble but with much elaborated carvings and decoration. A masterpiece inside the Taj Mahal is an exquisitely developed marble jali screen (called Jhajjhari) that surrounds the graves. The inlay work on its borders and the graceful jalies are one the highs of medieval architecture.

As dictated by ancient Islamic tradition, the crypts of Emperor and Empress lie side by side with their faces towards Mecca and their feet toward the south with the husband on his spouse right The crypts are decorated beautifully with inscriptions from the holy book Qu'ran and once were studded with semi-precious stones and gems.

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