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Water Devices at Taj Mahals

Water was the integral part any Mughal garden. The first thing the workers did was construct the system that would deliver water to the complex lawns. The water system for the Taj Mahal gardens was built so that it would survive for the centuries to come.

The water for the Taj Mahal's garden was drawn from Yamuna River by using the system of purs-buckets and ropes pulled by oxen or other animals drew water from the river. The water was dumped or stored into higher storage tanks. Then the water ran down the complex to supply the channels and fountains through a series of pipes that has been provided under each fountain.

One pipe ran towards the mosque and supplied water to the fountains just in front of the Taj Mahal . The fountains and its pools on the north-south water channel were supplied water through another series of copper pipes. To ensure uniform and undiminished water pressure in each of the fountain, the water supply was connected to a copper pot beneath each fountain. When all the water was full, all the fountains went off simultaneously and ensured smooth functioning all over the garden.

This was truly the work of a mastermind and required not just clear thinking but also a smooth planning and designing. The Taj Mahal is perhaps the only monument of the world with such great aesthetic considerations so detailed and yet so influential.

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